La voix spécial/the special voice of Victoire Oberkampf

Bonjour! And hello to everyone. 🙂

Last week, we had a very special feature artist, the talented and warm-hearted Victoire Oberkampf, singer-songwriter songstress from France. Victoire moved to New York City about a year and a half ago to taste what the city has to offer musically, and after experiencing many good moments, and a few hard moments of NYC, she now plans to move on with her guitar, her beautiful voice, and pockets full of songs back to Europe. She will not be returning to France though this time. Instead, she gives Portugal the luck and chance to be graced with her beautiful tunes where she will reside as she continues to spread her beautiful music to the world.

Victoire Oberkampf is indeed a worldly songwriter and human being. Having spent time in France, neighboring countries in Europe, the US, South America, Brazil, and parts of Africa, she definitely has an itch for travel and learning about different cultures and languages. And we can here it in her music. As far as I can see, Victoire’s songwriting is highly influenced by her travels and her external circumstances. Her eclectic tunes, varying in musical styles, are impressive enough, but she goes further writing songs in different languages, embracing local dialects and phrases that embody the towns and villages she visits. I asked her how it is for her to write in all these different languages, and she surprisingly answered  that writing in languages that are not her native tongue come more easily to her than the songs she writes in French. It may have something to do with a feeling of less pressure, she says as she chuckles with her infectious smile.


We were lucky to have her sing a full set of her original tunes for us at the Shrine World Music Venue this Thursday in Harlem. It was a very intimate show that felt as she said in her own words, just like home. We will miss her dearly when she leaves NYC in August, but I know we will see her again soon in the future wherever her traveling heart makes her find herself. For now, she is still with us in NYC and will be playing a show as part of a duo called The Franklin Echoes, this Sunday at Pianos in Lower Manhattan. Be sure to catch one of the last opportunities to see Victoire in NYC this summer!

Victoire can be followed online at

For all you Victoire Oberkampf  fans (I know I am one!) you will be happy to know that Victoire is known to be releasing new content on the regular, albeit a brand new songs or music videos. Her latest video and song she released was entitled “Que Calor” written with Frank Blood for which you can view the video below.

A couple other favorites of mine:



Now here is a song I think all of us NYC singer songwriters can relate to. “You’re exhausting me New York….” 😉


Also rejoining us at this week’s open mic is the wonderful Americana singer songwriter Robert Brashear who got to share the stage with our featured artist, Victoire, for some good old harmonies and sweet folky American roots songs.

Introducing: Carlos The Chords.


Super nice guy. NYC native who made his way here by way of Barbados strolls into our open mic wearing a Pixies T shirt and somehow I already knew I would like this guy. 🙂 Stay tuned for more on Carlos The Chords as he shares his tunes with us and continues to be a part of We Love Songwriters and our community of songwriters. I am truly so thankful to everyone who comes to the events and comes to work on songs, gain more experience, and spread good vibes. 🙂


Sneaking in at the end of the show, we had the talented Jason Gill sing a song to end the night for us all with a bang. I won’t say too much about this here artist, as he will be gracing us with a full set of his groovin’, lush, soulful tunes this coming week on We Love Songwriters!


Hope to see you all next Thursday. Thank you as always for reading. Have a great week everyone!

Your host,

Cc Eve


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