First week on We Love Songwriters at Shrine NYC venue!

Hi folks!

Last thursday was a total blast! Such a wonderful turn-out of songwriters and audience members making me very hopeful about what’s to come for our We Love Songwriters series at the Shrine World Music Venue in Harlem, NYC!

Check out some of the members of our wonderfully attentive audience below:

20017859_10214407862574593_5090529982702879031_oA small reminder that We Love Songwriters is now on Facebook and can be found at Please be sure to like us there!

About last week:

Although it was our first week, and we were in many ways working out structure  and how to organize this wonderful event, we were still blessed with a wonderful feature artist named Aimee Watson, who we will definitely be having back again in the future!


Aimee Watson is a wonderfully emotional singer-songwriter from New Zealand, who lived in Australia, and now calls NYC home. She is an avid songwriter who writes songs constantly, as they just pour out of her. Her songs touch upon themes of self-strength, heartache, empowerment, female struggles, and love. She has a warm heart, and we are immediately drawn by her honestly in her delivery.

Aimee will be back on We Love Songwriters soon so stay tuned!

After Aimee performed her feature set for us, we were blessed by a melange of other songwriters, sharing their creations with us. Here are some pics from the event!


To be a part of We Love Songwriters, please email me (Cc Eve) @

Leave any comments below!

Thank you for reading and celebrating with me  my favorite people in the world: songwriters. See you this Thursday for We Love Songwriters event #2!


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