WE LOVE SONGWRITERS now @ Prohibition NYC!

Hi folks!

Since I last wrote, there have been some changes made to WLS! We Love Songwriters performance series has now been moved to one of my favorite venues in NYC: Prohibition NYC. Why is Prohibition NYC my favorite venue? It’s the people. The warmth you feel when you walk in. The smiling faces. The talent, and the support. So, when they asked me to move my series to their venue, it was an easy yes. I am now hosting We Love Songwriters once a month there and it has thus far been quite positive and successful. I am always so wonderfully happy to see all of the enthusiastic songwriters who want to come to the events to perform, further reinforcing the feeling I had that many songwriters in New York City crave and desire more performance opportunities to perform  their ORIGINAL MUSIC. That is ultimately my goal and mission for We Love Songwriters: to create performance opportunities of original music for songwriters and create more of a sense of community for the otherwise lonely songwriter. Some songwriters (although definitely not all) can by nature be somewhat of introverts, most comfortable at home on their bed writing music on their favorite instruments. Meeting like minded folks with similar passions can really improve one’s experience of trying to make it in the Big Apple (or any city) . At least, that has been the case for me!

The last two songwriter events at Prohibition NYC exceeded my expectations. Many a songwriter showed up and many friends and fellow musicians were there to support as well. They say it is all about community and I could not agree more. In a world, in a country, and in a city that urges everyone to be mainly looking out for themselves and stresses the importance and obsession of doing it all on our own, it is nice to have a few places where we can spend a few moments leaning on each other, sharing our experiences, our creations and making connections to help keep us strong as we keep moving closer to making our career goals come true.


Here are some of the wonderful singer-songwriters to grace us with their presence at  our new WLS venue! Be sure to follow up on the next blog entries as I introduce some new songwriter profiles to We Love Songwriters!


We Love Songwriters is currently being held once a month at Prohibition NYC on Sundays (second Sunday of every month)  from 8pm to 11pm. You can find out the date of the events by checking us out on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/songwriterlove 🙂

Thank you as always to everyone for reading and to all the songwriters for sharing your thoughts and music with us!

Your host,

CC Eve


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