I’m back on We Love Songwriters! (and a bit on recording an album)

Hi guys and gals!

So sorry for being away so long from my blog. It can be very easy to get wrapped up in the crazy flow of NYC and get carried away by it all! Thought I would check in and say hello.

I have been in preproduction for my upcoming album for a little while now, and next week we will be hitting the studio live! Could not be more thrilled about the line up of musicians who will be joining me on my album. Stay tuned for details on that!

I have found the recording process to be a very fascinating one. I come from more of a performance background, having grown up singing in choirs, playing in the band, doing theater, and musicals, etc.. so for me all this technical stuff at first seemed quite overwhelming. All this talk of equalizers, protools, logic, ableton live, compressions, pre-amps, all these terms I had never really delved into. So, I am taking it step by step…..


Here is my SUPER minimalist set up. Even recording mini demos on Garage Band can do a lot for your songwriting as you discover how it feels putting harmonies and more than one track to your songs You can learn a lot about your writing this way!

Speaking of learning:

Since I am a total dinosaur and pretty minimal at internet savviness, I try to educated myself by taking online classes, mostly on Coursera (free classes available!). Berkelee School of Music has an amazing array of music classes on music production to choose from. Empower yourself with knowledge!

Here are a couple pics from the pre-production process. We cannot WAIT to share the upcoming album with you!!18620908_10213749415793835_9171340521177482287_o18768632_10213844598373340_437602676106922521_o

Please be sure to follow me on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/ccevesinger and on Instagram @ccevesinger.

Thanks for reading and be sure to ask any questions or leave comments you may have below! xoxo


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