Happy Halloween! (and celebrating the late great Screaming Jay Hawkins)

Happy Halloween everyone!

I was trying to figure out what to write about for Halloween Day and I thought what better artist and songwriter to write about then Screaming Jay Hawkins, the colorful dynamic performer best known for writing and performing “I Put a Spell On You” which was later recorded by so many artists, including the incredible Nina Simone, and CCR.

Screaming Jay’s original goal was to become an opera singer, but when he failed at this dream, he decided to go a more contemporary route of blues, and contemporary music. He grew up playing classical music as  a child though, and even in his contemporary recordings, his vocal style since has remnants of his classical singing days. Screaming Jay was also known for his very overly theatrical live performances which may or may not have been influenced by his years in dramatic opera. He also was a songwriter, and began playing guitar in his twenties.

A very interesting man and one of the most dynamic performers I have ever seen!

Here are some other tunes by Screaming Jay:

What you all dressing up as for Halloween?

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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