Busy week in The Big City (going to see live music and how to help support musicians and songwriters)

Hey folks!

A happy Saturday to all, hope you all had a productive week pursuing and working hard on the things that you believe in and are passionate about. I had a pretty busy week around NYC going to open mics, going to friend’s shows, and just being out on the scene. There are lots of things we can do to promote ourselves on the internet these days, but much as we are in the thick of the digital age, there are just certain things that still can only be a achieved by getting out of the house, and going out to see other bands and artists live in person.


I cannot stress the importance of going out to see live shows. Sadly, there are many clubs in NYC (and other cities in the world) closing down due to less attendance. I have heard countless times how “NYC is not the same as it used to be”. The digital age has indeed drawn us to stay at home and hang out with our electrical devices (as we are doing right now!) but it is important to remember to balance our lives with the outside world, with actual tangible human beings around us, to speak with, and to share with.


If you love music and want to support musicians out singing their originals, the best thing you can do is to go out and buy a ticket to their live show. They need an audience, they need fans, human bodies to fill up the room, they need YOU. Even as a performance artist yourself, it is important to go out and support other artist’s shows and be a part of your community.

Ways to help support musicians and performing artists:
  1. Go and see their shows! 
  2. Buy a ticket to their show or give them a tip at least. 
  3. Buy their album they are selling at the show. 
  4. Buy their album, or their single on the internet when you get back home
  5. Subscribe to their YouTube channel 
  6. Share their videos on your social media 
  7. Buy merchandise at their shows 
  8. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…
  9. Do not illegally download their music, or share files with others (if you really care about an artist and are a true fan, then you would not steal from them.)
  10. And last but certainly not least:                                                                                                                           Tell your friends about the artists you love and bring them to their shows with you! 

I tried to be active this week and get out there to support other artists and songwriters! Here is what my week looked like:

Monday night:  

Went to Jim Caruso’s Cast Party Open Mic at the legendary Birdland. This is an amazing open mic with a very high level of talent, with wonderful people to meet and connect with.

*tip: hang out at the bar, it is cheaper and you meet more people this way


Tuesday night: Went to a southern comfort restaurant in Harlem that hosts an incredible Open Mic with some of the most genuinely talented singers and musicians you will find in NYC. Some very talented folks have found themselves at the party there on several occasions!

* tip: sometimes you will find the best musicians in the places you least expected

Wednesday night: Went to see a friend’s show in downtown Manhattan, where I ended up run into people from Monday’s open mic who had a gig down the street and meta ton of new folks and strengthened connections.

* tip: NYC or your city  is not as big as you think!

Thursday night: Went down to Times Square to see a buddy play a gig at a hotel. He took a break at one point, and I ended up getting to play during his break! Plus I got to support a local singer-songwriter I really admire and believe in and learn from him at the same time.

* tip: always be studying and learning from other performers you are watching! What are they doing that you think you could work on more?

NYC based Singer-Songwriter Gene Taylor (www.genetaylormusic.com)

Friday night: Last night, I took a break and just went to the movies with one of my girlfriends.

* tip: Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your career is to take a break and relax for an evening. This way you ensure you are taking care of yourself and avoid burning out.

Saturday night: Tonight I am off to see a show in Greenwich Village, one of the most musically rich please in the city!

What did you do this to support your local music scene? What shows did you see the week?

Tell me about them below!


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