Thoughts from the Open Road (and identifying your goals)

I’m currently on a Greyhound bus traveling from New York City to Montreal, Quebec to catch the last weekend of the Montreal International Jazz Festival and to play a show in Burlington, Vermont! The open road is beautiful, the surroundings trees and views, so refreshing. I can’t help feeling this is exactly what I needed.

Sometimes a bit of distance, or recule can be exactly what an artist needs for their career.

The music business is an intense wave and sometimes we get lost in the momentum and we forget to check in and see how things are going.

Are you happy with the way your career is going?

Have you been reaching the goals you had laid out for yourself?

Have some of your goals been modified in some ways?

Should you modify some of your goals in certain ways?

Are you being productive the way you want to be?

These are all loaded questions that may yield a lot of thoughts, concerns, and ideas.

Your goals:

What are your goals exactly? Do you know?

I once read in Business Basics for Musicians (by Bobby Borg) that if you do not write down your goals on a piece of paper (or on your technological device!), then they are not goals, but just your dreams. Apparently there have even been studies that show that people who write down their goals, grow up to lead more successful lives than others who only keep their goals in their head! Pretty interesting. Something about writing down the goals on paper makes the goals more real and more clear. So what are some of your goals? Can you take a moment and jot some of them down? I’ll wait 😉
( Insert your goals here…..


……………….well done!)

Now! Were you surprised by what your goals were?

Did you notice that you were not even sure exactly what it is that you want in your career?

Sometimes writing down our goals can really make a person ponder and consider what it is they really want in their career.

Do you want to be a touring musician?

Do you have hopes of being a mega start or do you prefer to be a local sensation?

Do you want to write songs for yourself? Or do you want to write songs for other artists?

Are you ready to record your first EP? Or maybe you are ready to record your second album?

Exploring your goals in greater detail:

Now that you have identified your overall goals, try and make them even more detailed.

What do you want to accomplish in a month to be working towards your goal?
What is your plan for this week?
And what about your daily goals?
What are some daily things you can be doing to be working towards your goals?

Please share some of your thoughts about goals below!

Thanks for reading,

Cecilia Eve 🙂


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