Today is Porch Fest Day in Montreal, 2016!

It is funny how I just posted a blog titled “Every Songwriter Needs a Good Porch” only to find out that it is coincidentally Porch Day Fest in Montreal today! So let us officially start calling today Porch Day. 🙂 Here are some great pics from the festival.

Apparently, the idea of Porch Fest was first put into action in the town of Ithaca, NY but is now done if several cities in the USA and Canada including Franklin (Westhaven), Tennessee, Napa, California, Cleveland (Larchmere), Ohio, Tucson, Arizona, Salt Lake City, Utah, Kansas City, Missouri, Somerville , Massachusetts, to Montreal, Quebec! Is there a Porch Festival in your city or town? If it’s not on the above list, please let us know about it in the comment section!

The gentleman in the center of the picture directly below this text is the French-Canadian hardworking, singer-songwriter Max Comeau, who is very active in the Montreal Music Scene! For Max Comeau of Montreal’s South Shore, his mission is clear: to write songs and share them with the world. A true labour of love, his debut solo album, You, features an impressive array of guests, including Ladies of the Canyon’s Jasmine Bleile, Brad Albetta, Rob MacDonald, and Zebrat and was released on June 20th, 2015, at the Montreal Folk Festival. Now, with his band The Imaginary Lovers, he shares songs from his first album as well as new songs from his upcoming second album, set to be released in the Summer of 2017. For more info on Max Comeau, be sure to visit him at! 13173176_10154112033474043_8301919837586225680_o13116054_10154112033319043_6412939721914846256_o13139342_10209953714263669_9114788492421060374_n13139039_10153433103936536_8037055214557016198_n13173877_10209953714343671_1994244194338716978_n


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